MIS offers a range of industrial, commercial and retail products.
  • Transfer Tapes are rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner. A variety of adhesive properties are available including high tack, high temperature resistance exceptional moisture or solvent resistance and adhesion to low surface energy plastic.
  • Foam Tapes fill gaps and distribute stress uniformly over the bonded area. To meet your requirements, select your adhesive (rubber or acrylic), and choose the support (urethane, vinyl, elastomeric, polyethylene, acrylic, or neopropane) to achieve the desired results.
  • Double Sided Tapes are engineered with adhesive on both sides of paper, film, or tissue. Different adhesives can be on opposite sides of the carrier to join different materials
  • SuperDots are a pre extruded pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive that is formed onto a custom developed release liner. Roll lengths vary from 1000 dots upwards to our standard roll size of 5000 dots
  • SuperDots Roller a handheld device which aids in the application of SuperDots either as a single dot or as a continuous row of dots. The SuperDot roller will apply all five taks and all three diameters of SuperDots.

  • Window Tapes, MIS is an authorized distributor of Adhesives Research ARclad® Glazing Tapes and Muntin mounting Tapes
  • Protective Films, M.I.S. distributes a complete line of surface protection films manufactured by Surface Guard Inc. designed to protect critical surfaces from scratching, marring, and abrasions. Protective films are generally a polyethylene film coated with a pressure sensitive clean peel adhesive.
  • Cohesive Materials, are an ideal packaging material where cushioning and rigidity are the main factors in protecting an item against damage and dirt. This unique product provides a secure cohesive seal for your item's protection and may be opened easily with the addition of a tear strip or perforation.
  • Structural Tapes combine the high bond strength of liquid epoxy with a more convenient application. It is an ideal replacement for liquid adhesives where crisp aesthetics, uniform bond thickness, reduced clean up or improved throughput are important.

  • Sticky Dots are a complete range of clear adhesive dots in a variety of packaging for both retail and commercial uses.
  • Glue Tapes are adhesive tapes in a convenient dispenser, ideal for home and office

  • Specialty Items, such as numbering ribbons, MICR ribbons, and numerous other adhesive or specialty tapes...with over 25 years in the business we can source all your adhesive and fastening requirements. Please contact us!
  • Fastening Systems include parts for presses, line hole punches and dies, file hole punches and dies, and perf. wheels. We have in stock a selection of these products in order to respond to your requirements. Ashton, A.T.F., Didde, Hamilton, Schriber; whatever kind of press you may have we will find solutions in short order.
Our sister company, MIS has been providing a complete range of adhesive solutions to industrial, commercial, and retail users since 1984. MIS was built on the traditional values, namely product quality, timely service and technical excellence. We are an innovative company, which allows us to keep our overhead at low levels. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you solve any problem quickly and to your satisfaction. We offer superior quality products. We are dynamic and action minded. We invite you to visit their website by clicking on their logo.
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