Our sister company, MIS has been providing a complete range of adhesive solutions to industrial, commercial, and retail users since 1984. MIS was built on the traditional values, namely product quality, timely service and technical excellence. We are an innovative company, which allows us to keep our overhead at low levels. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you solve any problem quickly and to your satisfaction. We offer superior quality products. We are dynamic and action minded. We invite you to visit their website by clicking on their logo
Remember that when you deal with MIS & ATS, you are dealing with a strong service oriented team of professional individuals. Everyone at MIS shares a commitment to quality, timely service and technical excellence
ATS tape services are specialists in the automated application of adhesive products to a variety of preprinted material. In addition to our expertise in the application of adhesive products, we also have over 20 years of experience dealing with various adhesive products (adhesive tapes, reinforcing tapes, security tapes as well as tabbing, wafers and seals) to assist our customers in selecting the right product for the job.

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